Key elements of audio branding

Audio logo
(sound logo, sonic logo, acoustic logo, signature theme, jingle, acoustic signature)
The audio logo is a brand’s acoustic identification element and is often used in combination
with the (animated) visual logo. Must be concise, distinct, catchy and flexible and fit the
brand (brand fit). Special form jingle: Is in effect the musical version of the advertising slogan
(”Haribo macht Kinder froh, und Erwachsene ebenso / Kids and grown-ups love it so, the happy
world of Haribo”, ”Mars macht mobil bei Arbeit Sport und Spiel / Mars makes you mobile,
at work, sports and play”) and acoustically conveys the advertising message.

Brand song (corporate song)
Piece of music following classic song pattern with verse, chorus etc. Composition or selection
is based on acoustic brand identity. In contrast to commercial song (q.v.), it is used over
a longer period of time and may vary or be situationally adapted.
Brand voice (corporate voice)
Vocal element of brand communication represents the brand personality and is often part
of an audio logo.

Sound objects
A. Sound icon
Sound icons are the smallest or shortest sound elements of audio branding. Characteristically
similar, they directly point to the brand performance. In man-machine communication at
auditory user interfaces also referred to as auditory icons.

B. Sound symbol
Sound symbols are abstract sound objects that – unlike sound icons – do not resemble the
item they are referring to. At auditory user interfaces they are called earcons.

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