A. Audio Branding and Education in Sound

Holger Schulze
Education in Sound

B. Basics of Sound and Branding

Georg Spehr
Audio Branding – all new?

Karsten Kilian
From Brand Identity to Audio Branding

C. Beginnings of Audio Branding

Rayan Parikh
Finding the Rhythm: Elias Arts and the Pioneering of Audio Identity

John Groves
A short History of Sound Branding

D. Basics and principles of Audio Branding

Kai Bronner
Jingle all the Way? Basics of Audio Branding

Mark Lehmann
The Voice in Brand Sound

Hannes Raffaseder
Audio Brands and Brand Sounds: Relevance of Timbre in Audio Branding

Rainer Hirt
The Process of Brand Sound

Lukas Bernays
Acoustic Brand Management and the Digital Revolution

Cornelius Ringe
Bands for Brands – How much do they really have to fit?

Cornelius Ringe, Kai Bronner, Rainer Hirt
Silence of Brands

E. Multi-sensory Design

Karsten Killian
Acoustics as Resonant Element of Multi-sensory
Brand Communication

Michael Haverkamp
Synesthetic Design – Building Multi-sensory Arrangements

F. Legal Aspects

Jasmin Junge
Intellectual Property in the Context of Acoustic Branding

Ralf Sieckmann
Sound Trade and Service Marks – Legal Aspects

G. Case Studies

James Bull
The Narrative Ear – Realities in Creating Sound,
Story and Emotion for Brands

Aaron Day
The Samsung Global Sound Project: Cross-culture Innovation

Stefan Nerpin, Richard Veit, Milo Heller
The sound of Vattenfall – A brand promise is heard

Shouvik Roy, Anupam Sen Gupta
Case Study: NBL Team Anthem, WWF India

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